Rii K16 Mini Wireless Keyboard Review

By jayceooi.com on 2017-01-20

Looking for a wireless keyboard for your tablet? Check out Rii K16 Mini Wireless Keyboard by Riitek Technology that I have. It is a solid keyboard with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Furthermore, it supports Multi-Pairing function which let you switch between devices easily. And loaded with built-in touchpad and navigation keys which perfect for PC and TV Box too. All sounds great? Let’s find out in details…


  • Size: 242 x 165 x 12mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Operation temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C
  • Battery type: built-In lithium-Ion polymer battery
  • Battery capacity: 850 mAh
  • Stand by time: 500 – 700 Hour
  • Operation distance: 10 M
  • Transmission power: +5 dBm
  • Working voltage: 3.3 V
  • Working current: < 27 mA
  • Charging voltage: 4.2V – 5.05 V
  • Charging current: < 300mA
  • Sleep mode current: < 130uA


Package Content
Rii K16 comes in well protected. One thing that I like most – it is using eco friendly packaging. Thanks for helping to protect earth. Rii K16 is protected by plastic cover. And other accessories are well kept too. Yup, there are nano USB receiver, charging cable, leather case, quick guide, user manual and thank you card with support information. The bundled leather case is well made and able to keep and protect both Rii K16 and USB receiver. By the way, the case cover is loaded with magnetic buttons. No worry about K16 from failing down here.



Design & Build Quality
Build quality of Rii K16 is top notch. All thanks to aluminium alloy case. Same apply to the keycaps, top navigation buttons and touchpad as well. Just look at the photos that I took and you will know what I mean. And get better understanding on its design too. K16 size is almost like iPad Air 2 (weight too). And unlike normal laptop which touchpad is located below the keyboard. K16 touchpad is located on top so that you won’t touch it accidentally while typing. Furthermore, the whole touchpad is also clickable and act like left mouse click. It is very useful when highlighting text. A great feature I must admit. And it also supports multi-finger functions.


As you can see, the top part is mostly navigation buttons for TV box. There are shortcuts for power, mute, media player and home. Media playback and volume control are there too. Mode toggle for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and LED backlit toggle switch. Finally, 92 keys QWERTY keyboard layout at bottom. Hmm… Why they want to put green mouse button at bottom left corner? I always mistaken press it when wanted to press Ctrl key. Err… New learning curve here.


At back, there are 3 anti-skid pads. 2 small ones and a long one to provide stability while typing. Yup, they surely do the job well.


LED light indicators are available for Rii logo,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (1, 2 & 3), CAPS and charging status.


Micro USB port for charging and power switch are located on the right. Solid build quality thanks to aluminium alloy case, right?

Performance Result
Rii K16 is loaded with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Personally, I use Bluetooth on all my mobile devices and Wi-Fi on PC (or devices that don’t have Bluetooth). How is the wireless performance? K16 has superior Bluetooth range. Period. I still can type even when passes 10m with walls and obstacles. Rest assures that you can use it on big sofa while connected to your smart TV or set-top box. And the respond is fast too. However, Wi-Fi range is not that bright on K16. I manage to get it connected up to 4m only. Therefore, always get it connected through Bluetooth if possible.


Multi-Pairing function is one of the nice features that you can’t miss. Yup, I am able to connect Rii K16 to my Android TV box, Galaxy S4 smartphone, iOS iPad 3 and Windows PC. 3 connections using Bluetooth while the last one is using Wi-Fi receiver. Just use Bluetooth 1, 2 & 3 buttons to switch between them easily. Mode button for Wi-Fi then. No manual pairing is required again. This is very convenient because I can use it to reply SMS on smartphone then switch back for office work on tablet then.


Yeah… This keyboard is backlit. Perfect to use at living room with light off. However, there is a catch. Top part keys are not backlit. No a deal break breaker as you should know what the keys are once familiar with it. How is the battery life? It last for weeks when use casually. Thanks to auto sleep feature that will put K16 into sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity to save battery power. Just press any key to bring it up again. Overall, Rii K16 is a great Bluetooth to own. Tactile feedback is good as well. And no issue to type fast with its low profile keycaps here (once get used to it of course).


  • Multi-pairing up to 4 devices
  • Built-in touchpad & navigation keys
  • Superior Bluetooth range
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Carry case included


  • Weak Wi-Fi range
  • Top part keys are not backlit

Rii K16 is a solid mini wireless keyboard no doubt. Super convenient to use on multiple devices. The built-in touchpad and navigation keys is perfect for tablet and TV box usage. And ease carry around with the bundled case. Interested? More information can be found at Riitek Website. And get yours at Amazon.

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