Mini Wireless Keyboard i25A

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Audio Feature + IR Infrared Remote Control


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Product Specs:

- RF mode: 2.4GHz GFSK
- Power supply: rechargeable 450mAh polymer lithium-ion battery
- Operation voltage: 3.7V
- Weight: 109g
- Size: 170 * 49 * 16mm


1 .Multifunction Wireless Mini QWERTY Keyboard & IR remote & Fly Mouse Combo with USB interface receiver
2. Built-in advanced lithium-ion battery USB chargewhen press and drag at the same timeif the mouse freezes for a couple of secondsyou can use the USB extension cable on your device
3. You can use it for emailsto enjoy your favorite games. It is compatible with HTPCTV BOX running Android systemsAuto sleep and wake up feature. Switching off the keyboard after use
4. Innovative ShapePortable elegant Perfect for PC Pad Android Tv Box Google TV Box Xbox 360 PS3 HTPC IPTV.Not work with the amazon fire tv stick !Generally this keyboard works well on smart TV. But different smart TVs have diverse systemsespecially Samsung smart TV. so we can't make sure it is compatible with any system.:) Before you place order . Try the common wired keyboard and mouse on your smart TV.If the keyboard and mouse all work well this keyboard-mouse combo cantoo.
5. How to use it on Amazon fire tv:use an app called app 2 fire on android you can send any app to fire tv then run it so forexample google chrome the keyboard works as mouse and keyboardjust note that it only work's on sideloaded application's for example (google chrome firefox showbox) ps kodi is a native app on fire os 5 and our keyboards work on it without sideloading


4.6 / 5.0