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FAQ4:Rii Mini Bluetooth Quick Start Guide

Please read the news in the following web: 



FAQ3:Why my K24 air mouse cursor drifts to some specific direction?

A: Thanks for your feedback on the cursor drifting problem. You can calibrate according to the following instruction.
Step 1: Keep the device ON
Step 2: Place the device horizontally on the table
Step 3: Press the FN key and the left key of the mouse together and release. Keep the keyboard in horizon.
Step 4: Wait till Blue LED turns on. This means the calibration is successful.
If not succeed, please repeat steps 1-4.

The above key combination is for K24 and K13 calibration.
For KS518 (Vertical version): Left key of the Mouse+ Space key
For KS518 (Horizontal version): Left key+ Right key of the Mouse
For K14: Left key of the mouse+ laser pointer switch
For K25: Left key of the mouse+ Return key


FAQ 2:   Why can not pair bluetooth keyboard with Android Sysetem?

Because the Android is open source OS, so the vendor can rework on it. Some support bluetooth keyboard, but some others not.

The following device with Android system support bluetooth keyboard:

1: Google G1

2: Samsung Galuxy S and Samsung Galuxy Tab

3: Archos 70



FAQ 1:   How to match the keyboard with a new dongle?

If you lost your dongle, you can purchase a new one from the retailer or from the following web:

1: plug the new dongle in pc usb port, power on the keyboard
2: the yellow led flashing, after 30 seconds, the yellow led should be stop flashing and the green led lighting.

if the yellow led flashing more than 60 seconds, please repeat step1 and step2. 

step3: power off the keyboard.
step4: press F1
step5: power on the keyboard and release F1 immediately. Watching the yellow LED state
step6: Waiting 30 seconds, if the yellow led stop flashing and all LED is dummy, the match is sucessful. Please power off and then power on to use.
if the yellow led flashing more than 60 second, please repeat  step3 to step6

Notice: the method is only for rii mini wireless keyboard, if your have a Rii bluetooth keyboard, you must get a bluetooth dongle.